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Boost your Brownie e-commerce with an integrated warehouse management system and point of sale software.

cloud-based management system

Whether you sell only online, only offline, or both, you need to rely on a comprehensive and reliable management system, to have a clear view of your business, wherever you are.
For those who do not already have a warehouse management system or simply want to centralize your entire business on a single platform, Brownie offers the Enterprise solution, which adds all the e-commerce features to a cloud-based ERP.

Goods loading, supplier orders and returns, management of multiple warehouses, product labeling. Brownie's management system allows you to have everything under control, in a single platform.

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Cash register software

Along with the management system, the Enterprise solution includes Brownie Desk, Brownie's cloud-based cash register software. This will allow you to sell physically in your store and have customer records, stock, and orders instantly synchronized with the online platform, without the need for sync or alignments.

Compatibility with fiscal printers that support network communication allows you to print receipts and send them electronically.

The digital revenue register integrated into Brownie enables you to have a global and up-to-date view of the income and expenses of all your points of sale.

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everything under control

With Brownie Enterprise, you can manage both internal warehouses and external logistics, with the ability to synchronize stocks and handle transfers and transport documents from one to the other.

With an advanced tool for conducting inventories, you can check part or all of your stock whenever you want and with as many people as you want, all you need is a barcode scanner.

Through dedicated logs and reporting, you can always have visibility of everything that has been done at the warehouse movement level, allowing you to intervene and correct anomalies or cancel and restore operations.

Analysis tools will allow you to know the potential quantities within a specific time frame and calculate sales performance, margins, and the impact of discounts.

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