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Manage your sales campaigns independently and grow your brand.

Manage your sales campaigns independently

With Brownie B2B, you will be able to manage your sales campaigns completely independently, whether you are a brand or a showroom. Divide them by seasonality or according to your preferred criteria. Each sales campaign can contain unlimited presentations, which are your personalized product catalogs, that you can manage like real mini-websites and send to your agents and customers.

You will be able to manage both pre-production and restocking campaigns, with unlimited or specifically allocated stock, if desired synchronized with your warehouse management system.

You will be able to manage budgets to allocate for each individual sales campaign or for a geographic area, for an agent, or for the end customer, with minimum and maximum order amounts, purchasing rules, product combinations, etc... all of this will be displayed clearly for those placing the order with real-time statistics and completion percentages.

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Empower your agents and customers

You will be able to manage three levels of access: admin, agent, customer.
Each agent will have their own pool of clients and merchandise destinations for which they can place orders, according to the guidelines that you can specify in the presentation (minimums, maximums, basic discounts per customer).

An ultra-intuitive line-sheet interface allows for super-fast order composition with the option to clone stock, apply discounts by line, add/modify products during the order phase.

Each customer will have access to a list of dedicated payment methods, with the possibility of allocating discounts on specific methods and even including real-time checkout, with Paypal or credit card. Through native integration with the digital signature system Yousign, customers will also be able to independently sign order proposals, to complete the automation of the entire flow, from start to finish.

Detailed reporting and exports

Both in the back-end for admins and in the front-end for agents and customers, there is a detailed reporting feature to view the performance of sales campaigns and compare them with previous ones, all exportable to csv or excel.
All orders and warehouse movements can be integrated with external management systems, to maintain synchronized taxation and stock and further automate business processes.

Customise your front-end

Just as if it were a B2C e-commerce, you can customize your front-end with a dedicated design that reflects the image of your company. Thanks to the same graphic and UX designer team that supports Brownie Commerce, you can have a custom B2B portal, following the tailor-made philosophy of all other Brownie products.

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